Stalking has never been so easy!

Via Inc. launched a local Internet search service on Wednesday that allows users to virtually walk streets and see photos of businesses, a move that could help it better compete with established search providers such as Google Inc.

Give it a try yourself.  The first thing I did was search for businesses that are on my block and see if I could find a picture of my apartment building (which I did very easily).  This is incredibly cool, and should be a boon for all you would be stalkers out there.

How they did it is interesting as well.

6 responses to “Stalking has never been so easy!”

  1. This is too cool.
    I found a picture of the place I live in too! Even though I see it everyday, what better way to see it than though a digital picture?
    Now if someone wanted to stalk me I would be quite confused.

  2. Well, I don’t think anyone wants to stalk me either, I am a fairly boring guy, and it isn’t like I am good looking dude or anything.
    But IF someone did want to (which they wouldn’t) this would make it easier.

  3. Maybe we can spot Becky on one of these clandestine cameras. Being so afraid of getting her picture taken and all.
    As Scottycakes would say, “I keed, I keed!”

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