Solo Movie Trip: Sideways

sidewaysjpg.jpgAs was foretold on Blankbaby a scant few days ago, I went to see Sideways at Philadelphia’s famed Ritz Movie Theater purveyors of indie films (and the occasional big movie). Unlike my previous solo movie experience this time the showing was sold out.

Now, I had carefully picked out the showtime because I figured who would be going to see an Oscar nominated movie at 4:25 on a Saturday afternoon? Turns out a great number of people would, and so the theater was packed. At first I thought this would be a bad thing, I mean I don’t even like people. However, since Sideways is a comedy the reaction of the crowd made it all the more of an enjoyable movie going affair.

The movie itself is quite entertaining. I laughed, I didn’t cry, but I did think it was well acted. I see alot of myself in the Paul Giamatti character. I fancy myself a writer, though I haven’t written a novel (yet). It has been awhile since I have been in a relationship, and I am an expert on wine. OK, I don’t drink wine, but I am slightly neurotic, so I have that going for me.

Anywho, if you haven’t seen Sideways you should check it out.

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