Scott Patented ‘Feel Better’ Solution

1. Wake up at 7:50 feeling like crap.

2. Call in sick to work.

3. Sleep until 2:30pm.

4. Take a shower.

5. Feel much better.

6. Blog about it.

7 responses to “Scott Patented ‘Feel Better’ Solution”

  1. I’ve had the past two days off. My son (Mak, 9) was sick yesterday and today, school and daycare were closed due to snow. Another 9″ of snow expected over the weekend, I’m betting I’ll be home Monday too. Without VPN I’d get nothing done this week!

  2. Did we make you sick? Or maybe it has something to do with spending time with DK since you got sick when you ate with him recently.

  3. Julie, do we really need to fingerpoint? The guy is sick. Besides, he chose to hang out with me… Feel better Spotty Spot

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