Philadelphia, the Eagles are only a football team

Repeat after me, ‘Football is a game. These are grown men hitting each other so they can get a ball. They get paid millions of dollars. It is silliness.’

The Eagles are just a football team. They aren’t solving any of the world’s problems.

I really need to find something to do this Sunday other than watch the Superbowl. Anyone have any suggestions?

This post inspired by the local Philadelphia newscasts that seem to only care about covering anything and everything that is remotely related to the Eagles.

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  1. First time commenting, although I just started reading your site about a week or two ago. I like it. If you are not into football, I know the Sci-Fi channel is doing their movie marathon type deal: Wishmaster 2,3, and 4, Poltergeist III, Urban Legend, Jason X, and Thir13en Ghosts. I am sure a lot of other channels are showing movies as well.
    I’m not from PA, but I would imagine it would be a good time to get out in the town (if places are open). Most will probably be inside watching the game.
    I’m more into college football myself. Never really had a pro team I could follow, although I will probably watch the game. My boss is a huge Steelers fan. I did live in Nashville for a couple of years and watched the Titans when I could. For me its all about the Auburn Tigers.

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