Jeff Risley’s To-Do List for Starting A Blog

Jeff Risley has posted a to-do list for starting a blog. Now, I am sure Jeff is a great guy, but come on. Required reading before you start a blog? Now, I get the feeling that since he is a marketing guy that he looks at blogs as a way to market yourself and one can infer from his post that these steps are for business blogs, but for a personal blog? Well, I suppose it depends.

Let me be clear, Blankbaby is not a marketing tool for Scott McNulty, if it was it was be an awful one anyway. I am not here to sell you on me, this blog is for me. That is why I don’t mind if my mother reads it (hi, mom!) and that fact doesn’t stop me from blogging about whatever the hell I want to blog about. Of course it is fun when you are linked to by Scobie or Dave Winer, but that isn’t what is it about for me.

So, I suppose before you start a blog the first thing you need to do is figure out why you are interested in blogging in the first place. If it is just for fun, there is no need to read anything (or even any other blogs), just write.

If, on the other hand, you want to get noticed and ascend to the lofty heights of the A list of blogging then you would be wise to follow Jeff’s To do list.

As for me, I am going to continue to blog about my little old life in Philadelphia, and the various things that I am obsessing over at the moment (right now I am big into snow).

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  1. Scott,
    You’re absolutely right. My bent is marketing, and my post was aimed at people in companies looking to start a blog that will, at least partly, discuss the business they are in.
    I dig a lot of the personal blogs out there, too. It gives me a chance to virtually meet people I never would have met.
    Thanks for the comment, and stay warm in Philly this week. That’s just crazy snow, man.

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