International Dialing Vexes Me

BatphoneFurthering the concept that I am, in fact, a moron I never remember how to dial numbers outside of this grand old country of ours.  I just had to call a hotel in bonnie old England, and it took me three tries to get through, and that was AFTER I googled instructions on how to make an overseas call.

I pine for the days in which you would pick up a phone, and without dialing you said, ‘Hello, Operator get me London.’   Now, I don’t know if that was ever possible, but they often do it in old black and white movies, so I assume that was how it worked ‘back in the day,’ as the kids say.

I would also enjoy calling women ‘dolls,’ and hiring some wacky house painters while I was having a high society tea and watch the sparks, and cakes, fly.

I was born in the wrong era, because I’ve got moxy I tells ya.

The point of this entry?  It should be easier to call London, and I am sure that you agree with me.

4 responses to “International Dialing Vexes Me”

  1. Agreed!
    During my last visit to Europe (in France) I never once picked up the phone, least of all to make an international call home. I just didn’t feel like learning the system, it was just more irritation than I needed.
    Note that I design and develop software in the Telecomm industry. I even have a device that can emulate a US or European telephone company central office in my cube. (Google “Gordon Kapes System 930”) It’s still totally over complicated.

  2. I’ve always liked international dialing. Putting a plus in front of a number makes it looks special, I think.
    Last year, I got completely wasted at Oktoberfest, and when I got home many of my friends complained that I called them many times spouting bizarre phrases. I found it quite hilarious until my wireless bill arrived. So, in conclusion, international calling is complicated to sober people, but makes complete sense to alcoholics. (And it should be cheaper.)

  3. Obviously I don’t drink enough. I should keep some Rum at work for when I need to dial overseas.
    ‘No, I’m not drinking on the job, I’m preparing to dial.’

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