I am glad today is almost over

perplexedscott.jpgToday was not a good day for Scott.

It started off well enough, I woke up on time for a change, so I am was to fight the good fight. I got ready for work feeling pretty good. I stepped out of my front door, took one step forward onto the sole step in front of my building, and feel flat on my ass. I am not an elegant creature under the best of circumstances, but I must look like an injured elephant when I fall down, luckily there were people there to witness my spill.

You see, unbeknown to me, the step was covered with a not so thin sheen of ice. Ice, as it turns out, is slippery, and I was not wearing my new boots. I should have turned around, went back to my apartment, took off my clothes, called in sick, and went to sleep, but I didn’t.

I walked less than a block from my apartment and nearly twisted my ankle (which still hurts a little thanks to this near twisting). I was not to be stopped though, and carried on.

As I was passing the ING Direct Cafe (and what is up with that by the way, a bank selling coffee? Odd, and even odder is the fact that there seem to be only three of them in the country), my hand grazed the wall and got cut up (I am a delicate flower).

I arrived at work and there were several crises to deal with, none of which were my fault but all of which were suddenly my problems to fix.

I had to go to a long staff meeting, which wasn’t that bad (cake at the end of the meeting makes many things bearable). After the meeting I visited, with Paul, some co-workers (you know who you are) and they accused me of being a pornographer, so that wasn’t cool.

Overall, this day was just no good. I would like another one as soon as possible, please.

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