Am I the only person in the Philadelphia area that could care less if the Eagles win or lose tomorrow?

Football is dumb.

UPDATE: Paul points out that the Eagles are playing on Sunday. I still don’t care.

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  1. I may be sounding greedy here, but I’m a NY transplant and I could care less [for my personal football sake] if the Eagles win, but I really want them to win just so that everyone in my office will be in a good mood for the next 2 weeks resulting in almost no work getting done in the last 2 days before the Super Bowl and if they were to win that? Fuggetaboutit.

  2. Personally, I’d love to see Patriots vs. Eagles.
    But I will agree on this: there is FAR too much media coverage of this playoff stuff. I mean, it’s good to know that all the machete massacres have halted in Africa. They must have, if all we’re hearing about in the news is non-stop football.
    Oh wait. Right. Nevermind…

  3. Philly is an Eagles town and I promise if they win Sunday the Daily News will have an Eagles cover everyday until two days after the parade (or after the riots have concluded.) In other words you have not seen anything yet. I promise there will be a big controversy if Mayor Street tries to put a jersey on William Penn. Many consider it bad luck.
    But I also know several people who could care less about the Birds but, perhaps coincidentally, they are transplants.

  4. I guess I don’t care about the Eagles since I recently didn’t know the answer to the question: “who is the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles?”
    Go Steelers!

  5. Wow, I thought I was the only person in the universe who thought that… Have to admit you have guts putting it out there like that…
    You are the man (you SHOULD care about Love Park though).

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