Ask Blankbaby: What’s up with Free Elections in Iraq?

askblankbaby.jpgOur second question comes from P. Laskow, my office mate and archnemesis, and I quote:

“Although the Bush administration remains adamant that Iraqi elections will go off as planned on January 30th, it seems as though the country is way too unstable to guarantee a fully free and fair poll. On the other hand, delaying the vote would likely be construed as a victory for the insurgency, perhaps further diminishing the eventual chances for a stable Iraq. You seem like a pretty smart guy… what’s the best course of action – to delay or not to delay???”

I think that we have to support our President in, like, all that he does. Oh, wait, that’s Britney Spears’ answer not mine.

I think it is critical we go ahead with the elections on the appointed time. Will they be peaceful? Will they be fair? Will they even be free? I doubt it, but democracy certainly isn’t prefect but you’ve gotta start somewhere. I truly believe that while we went into Iraq for the wrong reasons, we need to clean up the mess that we made. Elections are a step in the right direction.

And I am willing to bet that the first Iraqi election will have a larger voter turnout than our most recent election.

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  1. As you know, Julie, I am a registered Republican but I eschew thoughtless faith to any party but I know you won’t be happy until I say I am a Democrat, but I ain’t!
    So there.

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