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The punch line to one of my favorite jokes

Ask Blankbaby: Franklin, Elvis, Fake World Peace, or Real Love Park Saviour

askblankbaby.jpgOur first question comes from knowmoore, and I quote:

"If you had to choose one of the following choices to choose between...

Having the personality and intelligence of Ben Franklin... vs... Having the
talent and sex appeal of Elvis............OR.............Next year, be
credited for establishing total world peace without actually having done it
(and without anyone ever knowing that but you)... vs... being credited for
bringing back Love Park and actually having done it."

An interesting question indeed. Now, I must admit that I like Elvis, and fake world peace is tempting. I can do without Love Park (Philadelphians don't hate me), however I would have to go with having the personality and intelligence of Ben Franklin.

I am happy with my own personality, but since it is a package deal I'll take both. I mean, come on, he invented the Franklin stove, the Franklin desk, the bifocal, the armonica, he was quite the ladies' man, and he helped shape our country. There is the unfortunate business of him supporting the turkey as the national symbol, but I think I can over look that since he founded the university that employs me, started the first library, fire department, and hospital in Philadelphia.

Keep those questions coming. I do have two questions that I didn't use this week that will remain in the queue, but remember that I am very wise.