Ask Blankbaby: Bond vs. Batman

askblankbaby.jpgFirst off, yes it isn’t Friday and Ask Blankbaby is supposed to run every Friday. Since I have a reoccuring social engagement on Fridays (which I will blog about soon) that schedule just isn’t feasiable any longer. So, from this day forward Ask Blankbaby shall be run at some point during the weekend. It’ll help keep things interesting.

With that out of the way, let’s get ready to answer! (Cue slammin’ techno beat and synchronized lights).

This week’s question comes from Philadelphia’s own Lunabomber, Dave Luna:

“Here’s a question that I’ve been turning around in my head: Who would
win in a fight between James Bond and Batman?”

This is a tough one, indeed. Now, once again the question isn’t as clear as I would like. Are the two only allowed to use their fists and wits? And which Batman are we talking about; Adam West, Michael Keaton, George Clooney, or any number of others? And which Bond? Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, or Pierce Brosnan? Since it is left up to me, I am going to choose Adam West at his prime, and Sean Connery, by most accounts the quintessential Bond (and if you’re interested in James Band and skin issues, and really who isn’t, check out this page).

Now the meat of the question, sans gadgets (my choice) who would win in a West v. Connery fight. My money is on Connery for one reason, I think he as Bond would fight dirty whereas West’s Batman would never stoop to such a level. Now, if we were talking about Frank Miller’s Batman things would turn out a little differently.

So there you have it, Connery would kick West’s ass. Remember to send in your questions to me and you may one day have your question answered by Philadelphia’s Most Influential Blogger™

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