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To Do with Ta-da List

tada.gifHere's a fun Scott fact, I love to do lists. It there anything more fulfilling than crossing off an item from your to do list with a sure and steady hand?

Why yes, yes there is. Checking it off with the click of a mouse, using Ta-da List. The software seems cool enough, and I am toying with the idea of integrating it with Blankbaby somehow.

Eh, I probably won't.

Philadelphia, the Eagles are only a football team

Repeat after me, 'Football is a game. These are grown men hitting each other so they can get a ball. They get paid millions of dollars. It is silliness.'

The Eagles are just a football team. They aren't solving any of the world's problems.

I really need to find something to do this Sunday other than watch the Superbowl. Anyone have any suggestions?

This post inspired by the local Philadelphia newscasts that seem to only care about covering anything and everything that is remotely related to the Eagles.

I am glad today is almost over

perplexedscott.jpgToday was not a good day for Scott.

It started off well enough, I woke up on time for a change, so I am was to fight the good fight. I got ready for work feeling pretty good. I stepped out of my front door, took one step forward onto the sole step in front of my building, and feel flat on my ass. I am not an elegant creature under the best of circumstances, but I must look like an injured elephant when I fall down, luckily there were people there to witness my spill.

You see, unbeknown to me, the step was covered with a not so thin sheen of ice. Ice, as it turns out, is slippery, and I was not wearing my new boots. I should have turned around, went back to my apartment, took off my clothes, called in sick, and went to sleep, but I didn't.

I walked less than a block from my apartment and nearly twisted my ankle (which still hurts a little thanks to this near twisting). I was not to be stopped though, and carried on.

As I was passing the ING Direct Cafe (and what is up with that by the way, a bank selling coffee? Odd, and even odder is the fact that there seem to be only three of them in the country), my hand grazed the wall and got cut up (I am a delicate flower).

I arrived at work and there were several crises to deal with, none of which were my fault but all of which were suddenly my problems to fix.

I had to go to a long staff meeting, which wasn't that bad (cake at the end of the meeting makes many things bearable). After the meeting I visited, with Paul, some co-workers (you know who you are) and they accused me of being a pornographer, so that wasn't cool.

Overall, this day was just no good. I would like another one as soon as possible, please.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

confessionsoftdq.jpgContinueing my descent into insanity I watched Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. I can't even say that it was on so I watched it, nope, it was a conscious decision. Since I have digital cable I have 'Comcast On Demand,' and CoaTDQ was on so I ordered it up (it was free though, so don't go thinking I paid for it).

Starring Hollywood It Girl Lindsey Lohan as the titular Teenage Drama Queen this movie reaches new heights of horrible. Mary (played my Lindsey) wants nothing more to be an actress and marry her favorite band's front man (the name of the band escapes me, as I soon hope most of this movie will). Mary makes everyone call her Lola. Lola was born and raised in NYC, and at the beginning of the movie her family must move to NJ, and Lola's life is over.

She quickly meets a 'crew' at her new highschool, gets into a few wacky scraps with the highschool's most popular girl, and in the end the mean popular girl gets her comeuppance at the school play's cast party in the form of the front man of the forgotten band coming to visit Lola.

Now, don't be cross with me since I ruined the movie for you, it really is for the best.

Overall, Blankbaby no likey.

The Date Doctor?

Ok, so it is obvious that I am far from a ladies man. I can't tell when they are interested in me, I don't know how to meet them, and I don't really understand these 'emotions' that they all seem to have.

With that being said, take a look at the Date Doctor:

  Hello and Welcome to my site. First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Christopher Young and I am a dating consultant. I am not some overconfident jerk who thinks he is gods' gift to women. That is not me, in fact, I am merely a guy who has learned the ropes of this uncanny thing we call "Relationships".

   Now let me tell you what you will find here. If you want to learn how to have sex with any woman you choose. I can teach you! If you want to become more confident conversating with the opposite sex. I will teach you! However there is more to a relationship than just sex and having confidence. My goal as your "Date Doctor" is to make the most out of a relationship. I will help you with learning to listen to the opposite sex, as well as learning how to find your soul-mate.

And here are his prices:

  If you are tired of being the third wheel or just plain lonely, then stop wallowing and take your life into your own hands. As of right now all of your dating questions will be answered for FREE! Just send an email with your question to Given the fact that I receive tons of emails, your response will be as prompt as possible. If you would like to have a one on one personal consultation, my services are also for hire. I travel the country helping others just like yourself in the successes of dating and relationships. I charge a fee of $2500. This includes all travel and lodging expenses and a 2-day* consultation. Additional days are $200 per day*.

*One Day equals 8 hours.

No thank you, Date Doctor, I'll take my chances relying on my own wits. Of course I am going to die alone, but hey at least I'll have my money to keep me company... oh, and the hundreds of stray cats I am sure to collect. And my model plane collection (which I haven't started, but come on we can all see it coming).

Karl from Philly Future starts a New Meetup group

Things are getting heated in the Philly Blogger community (is there a Philly Blogger Community?). Karl, of Philly Future, is his own meetup group since the existing one seems to have been abandoned by the organizer.

I just signed up for it. Looks like the first meeting is going to be held on Wednesday, February 16, 7:00 PM, where is anyone's guess.

It would be cool to have nametags with blogger's name and there blog's name and URL.

Oh, and it seems Karl is looking for someone to organize this effort, if you're the organizing type help him out!

Ask Blankbaby: Bond vs. Batman

askblankbaby.jpgFirst off, yes it isn't Friday and Ask Blankbaby is supposed to run every Friday. Since I have a reoccuring social engagement on Fridays (which I will blog about soon) that schedule just isn't feasiable any longer. So, from this day forward Ask Blankbaby shall be run at some point during the weekend. It'll help keep things interesting.

With that out of the way, let's get ready to answer! (Cue slammin' techno beat and synchronized lights).

This week's question comes from Philadelphia's own Lunabomber, Dave Luna:

"Here's a question that I've been turning around in my head: Who would
win in a fight between James Bond and Batman?"

This is a tough one, indeed. Now, once again the question isn't as clear as I would like. Are the two only allowed to use their fists and wits? And which Batman are we talking about; Adam West, Michael Keaton, George Clooney, or any number of others? And which Bond? Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, or Pierce Brosnan? Since it is left up to me, I am going to choose Adam West at his prime, and Sean Connery, by most accounts the quintessential Bond (and if you're interested in James Band and skin issues, and really who isn't, check out this page).

Now the meat of the question, sans gadgets (my choice) who would win in a West v. Connery fight. My money is on Connery for one reason, I think he as Bond would fight dirty whereas West's Batman would never stoop to such a level. Now, if we were talking about Frank Miller's Batman things would turn out a little differently.

So there you have it, Connery would kick West's ass. Remember to send in your questions to me and you may one day have your question answered by Philadelphia's Most Influential Blogger™

Solo Movie Trip: Sideways

sidewaysjpg.jpgAs was foretold on Blankbaby a scant few days ago, I went to see Sideways at Philadelphia's famed Ritz Movie Theater purveyors of indie films (and the occasional big movie). Unlike my previous solo movie experience this time the showing was sold out.

Now, I had carefully picked out the showtime because I figured who would be going to see an Oscar nominated movie at 4:25 on a Saturday afternoon? Turns out a great number of people would, and so the theater was packed. At first I thought this would be a bad thing, I mean I don't even like people. However, since Sideways is a comedy the reaction of the crowd made it all the more of an enjoyable movie going affair.

The movie itself is quite entertaining. I laughed, I didn't cry, but I did think it was well acted. I see alot of myself in the Paul Giamatti character. I fancy myself a writer, though I haven't written a novel (yet). It has been awhile since I have been in a relationship, and I am an expert on wine. OK, I don't drink wine, but I am slightly neurotic, so I have that going for me.

Anywho, if you haven't seen Sideways you should check it out.

Swiss Army Knife Lovers

macgyver.jpgEarlier today, at work, I said to Bob, 'Hey, I'm not MacGyver' in response to his surprise that I couldn't figure out a way to keep my blinds up.

It is true that I am no MacGyver, but when I was a kid MacGyver was my favorite television show (even surpassing Star Trek for a brief time). Every night that it was on I would watch it with my mother, and I was a happy boy. Years later my mother confessed that she never liked MacGyver but she watched it because I enjoyed it so much. That's a mother for you!

And now the first season of MacGyver is available on DVD. I am tempted, but when I watch it every so often on TVLand, I don't enjoy it as much as I did when I was a youngster.

I suppose it is true what they say, life is all about the tough decisions. And 80's tv.

Man Spots Self in Amazon Picture

Paul, Scott (the other Scott, not me) and I were talk about this today at the office, and we decided it was cool/creepy. Then we speculated that at some point someone is going to find a photo either with themselves in it, or someone they know. It didn't take long:

Kottke had a link up this morning about amazon's new addition to their a9 engine - Yellow Pages. Intrigued, I clicked over. They display little pictures of the businesses in the search results. Massively cool. Their how-we-did-it video [qt] tells us that they mounted cameras on lots of SUVs and then drove around the major cities taking snaps. Amazing.

So, I entered a local pizza joint's name. Search came up with it along with a picture of the store front. I clicked on the "walk up and down the street" arrows to see what else they had. And I keep clicking around the block when I see THE ENTIRE SEPOY HOUSEHOLD on!! It must have been sometime in October and we seem to be returning from lunch. Maybe a sunday? How massively weird is that?!

Do I sense a meme developing here?

Stalking has never been so easy!

Via Inc. launched a local Internet search service on Wednesday that allows users to virtually walk streets and see photos of businesses, a move that could help it better compete with established search providers such as Google Inc.

Give it a try yourself.  The first thing I did was search for businesses that are on my block and see if I could find a picture of my apartment building (which I did very easily).  This is incredibly cool, and should be a boon for all you would be stalkers out there.

How they did it is interesting as well.

Those Darn Accordions are Darn Nice People

radioshark.jpgNot too many days after my original post lamenting that Those Darn Accordions' new album Lawnball was't available on the iTunes Music store what do I find in my inbox emails from one but two members of the band to let me know that not only is the new album available on the iTMS but so are most of their other albums.

Paul Rogers, the front man of the group, is mailing my very own promo copy of the CD. How awesome is that? Expect a review of it as soon as I get a chance to give it a listen, but judging from what I have heard so far I don't think I will be disappointed.

Lewis Wallace, the bass player, got me to sign up for their mailing list, which is how I was made aware of the cool t-shirts that they have for sale. Here is what I would look like in one of their shirts if I was thinner, and my head was a cartoon:


I thought it might be fun if I linked to a few of my favorite songs of theirs, so here is a list in no particular order:


Is it wrong that I think most grand romantic gestures are kinda creepy?

Like flying to a different city to ask someone you hardly know to dinner, or writing several ten page letters to someone, or having a box full of all the stuff a loved one has ever given you (including ticket stubs, scraps of paper, etc.).

Perhaps I am just bitter, but it all just gives me the creeps.

Steve Martin's Letter to Johnny

The Man in Front of the Curtain:

Because you retreated into retirement so completely, let me thank you, in death, for the things I couldn't quite say to you in life. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me and others, and thank you - despite divisive wars and undulating political strife - for the one hour a night across 30 years of American life when we were entertained purely, delightfully and wisely.

Weekend Movie Excursion

sidewaysjpg.jpgWell, since my first solo movie going experience went so well, and I have nothing to do this weekend, I though why not see the movie that everyone is talking about?

No, not Fat Albert, I'm talking about Sideways which has garnered rave reviews, and several award wins and nominations.  However, I haven't seen it yet!  Where have I been living?  I mean, it features that dude from Wings!, (no, not that one, that one).

So, probably this Saturday or Sunday I will be venturing forth to see this movie, expect a full review after I see it.