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The Princess Diaries

princessdiaries.jpgContinuing my anthropological study of movies of which I am not the intended audience, I just watched The Princess Diaries. I had seen the last 10 minutes of this movie somewhere in my travels, but tonight was the first time that I had seen the whole thing.

Overall, it was a cute little powder-puff of a movie. I must admit that my feelings about this movie might be clouded by my feelings for Julie Andrews. She is one of those people who I could watch eat pudding for an hour and feel entertained. Plus, I thought she was kinda hot in the Sound of Music (and I still do. Come on, a renegade singing nun? Mama mia!).

There is a cat by the name of Fat Louie in this movie, and by the end of the movie the kitty is wearing a tiny kitty crown. It doesn't get much better than that.

I need to get some hobbies or something.