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MarsEdit: Blankbaby Approved

This is the inaugural post in a new category, ‘Blankbaby Approved.’

What is this all about? I often want to write reviews about various products but I don’t want to clutter the site with categories for software reviews, movie reviews, book reviews, and random reviews. My solution? Create a catch all category, with a little logo, and have at it.

I have been using MarsEdit since it was in beta, and it made me change my opinion of weblog editing software. I tried using ecto a long time ago, and it left me thinking, ‘why would anyone need to use a blog editor?’ And then Ranchero Software announced that the blog editor in NetNewsWire would be seperated into a stand alone product (and would be completey rewritten). Not only that, but if you paid for a license for NetNewsWire 1.0 (which I did), you get a free upgrade to 2.0 (not out yet), and a free license to the new weblog editor, MarsEdit (which just reached 1.0 a few days ago).

The highest compliment I can give MarsEdit is that I can’t imagine posting to Blankbaby without it. MarsEdit is an indispensable part of my blogging toolkit, and it looks like it will just get better.

MarsEdit, consider yourself ‘Blankbaby Approved.’ Please use your powers for awesome.

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