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Hack your way out of writer’s block

Do you get the feeling that I like 43 Folders? Well, I do, and this entry on hacking your way out of writer’s block is a classic:

I recently had occasion to do some…errr…research on writer’s block. Yeah, research. That’s what I was doing. Like a scientist.

I found lots of great ideas to get unstuck and wrote the best ones on index cards to create an Oblique Strategies-like deck. Swipe, share, and add you own in comments.

I am tinkering with the idea of starting to write from fun some more (other than this blog), and so I can relate with this. However, I have been fortunate enough never to have had writer’s block when I write fiction, and very rarely with papers.

My theory is just get it out and edit later. Too bad I tend not to edit later, as you can see from this blog.

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