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Enjoy Sarah Vowell

Continuing my slight obsession with Sarah Vowell, I give you an The Independent Interview of Sarah Vowell:

In other words: within five minutes of meeting her, I was pretty confident that one day Sarah would get cast in a huge Pixar film as a teenage superhero. I was even going to have a bet on it. Honestly. I can’t remember now what stopped me. Looking at the blurbs on the back of Sarah’s first book, published in 2000, I now see that most of her friends and admirers knew this was coming. Lawrence Weschler described her as “equal parts Betty Boop and Dorothy Parker”, while Steve Erickson – and this is spooky – decided that she was “original, funny, bracing, pixilated”. Sarah Vowell has clearly always been a cartoon waiting to happen.

I need to read this woman’s books. Of course, I need to read the 60 or so other books that I have purchased and have yet to read.

What do I do with all my time?

Here is a snippet from the interview:

Then I got an email from the producer. It was just the sort of left-field – that’s a baseball term, so insert some crickety British phrase if you’d like when you go back and start putting a bunch of extra letter U’s in my words – offer I turn down without blinking. But it was from Pixar. They’re the best at what they do, the most universally culturally revered. It’s like if Nelson Mandela showed up asking for your help to fight racism. Maybe fighting racism isn’t normally your thing. Maybe you’re more of an armchair racism hater. But if Mandela was standing at your door asking you to get on the bus, you’d just start putting on your shoes, right?

How could I not be intrigued by this woman, I ask you?

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