Delicious Library review

I used Delicious Library to catalog my books, but I am still thinking of creating my own web based application to do something similiar. Anyway, here is a review of the product:

“MacLibrary X is a cataloguing application that stores information about your collection of books, movies, music and games. It also tracks borrowers and suggests other, similar products that you may like. Product images, descriptions, and other metadata may be pulled from or entered manually.”

That sounds like a pretty boring product, doesn’t it? In fact, it sounds like a good first project for a programmer just starting to learn how to create Mac applications. Not surprisingly, there are many Mac OS X applications that do more or less what’s described above. Why does something like this even warrant a review, let alone a review at Ars?

Let’s start with the actual product name. It’s not “MacLibrary X” or anything similarly predictable. The application is called Delicious Library. That sounds…odd. On the other hand, it’s also slightly intriguing, maybe even fun.

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