Another Neato O’Reilly Shirt


I think I may have to buy a few thinks from Thinkgeek this month.

2 responses to “Another Neato O’Reilly Shirt”

  1. Freaky. I clicked on “UncleHorns” link.
    I see he went to Penn State (or at least I assume so, due to his propagandizing for said University), he is a Democrat (or at least his friends in all his photos seem to be), of course, he reads Scott’s blog, HE’S GOT A PHOTO OF MY FRIEND MARTIN (fellow Wharton employee) and he’s trying to quit smoking.
    Do I know this UncleHorns????
    Wharton employee???
    Prey tell.
    Seems that we could be friends if we don’t already know each other.

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