Another geek accessory

iamblogging.jpgAll this talk of dressing more like a geek made me go check out Thinkgeek, a repository of all sorts of cool little toys, gizmos, and geek accessories.

This t-shirt is something I have been thinking about buying, but I don’t really wear t-shirts all that often. However, the second phase of ‘Project Healthier Scott’ (Phase one being the Great Pepsi Ban of ’04) is going to the gym and working out (ug) at least thrice a week, and who works out in a button down shirt?

More details on the Second Phase as they become clearer to me, but no doubt I won’t enjoy them… but I will be blogging them.

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  1. Exercise does not have to be painful. Have you ever been to Forbidden Drive in Fairmount Park? It’s lovely and just taking a walk on it is a great thing to do. I will come and get you and take you for a walk on it someday. I know you’ve got car issues. And, it’s the largest urban park in America, so you can file that under culture too.

  2. Julie, I actually like to walk, so I will gladly take you up on that offer!
    I was going to say I haven’t been to Fairmount Park, but after looking at the Fairmount Park website, I stand corrected:

    It might be taking lunch on a bench by a majestic statue, participating in the summer rowing camp, rollerblading down West River Drive on the weekends, mountain biking on the Wissahickon Trails or visiting a park playground. No city resident lives more than a mile from one of our 62 neighborhood parks. We each have our favorite corner of the park. All of these parks make up Philadelphia’s 9,200 acre citywide park system, known as Fairmount Park. While very few of us see the entire park in all its splendor, most of us have some part that we call our own.

    It looks like all Philadelphia parks are part of Fairmount Park… who knew? And I thought Central Park was big at 843 acres.
    Anywho, the painful exercise I was thinking of is less walking and more gym like activities, which I don’t like at all. However, if I want to be svelte I have to hit the iron or something.

  3. Forbidden drive _is_ beautiful!
    In my more ambitious moments, I biked all the way into forbidden drive. Lovely.
    Fairmount is supposed to be the second largest park within city limits. I believe the first largest is somewhere in Russia.

  4. Oh, and another interesting thing about the Hermitage Mansion is that the Delaware Valley Opera company performs there in the summer for cheap – $12 tix – on an outdoor bandstand type stage. It’s deep in the woods and a unique and little known piece of Philadelphia culture.

  5. That sounds like Shakespeare in the Park, a widely known piece of New York City culture that I never got around to doing.
    I want to avoid not doing things in Philadelphia like I seemed to in NYC, so I am all about going and seeing things and such.
    I’ve turned over a new leaf!

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