No Pepsi: Week One

nopepsi.jpgA little over a week has passed since I proclaimed by body a No Pepsi Zone, and I am sure many of you are curious as to how I am making out.

It isn’t easy, but I haven’t had a drop of sweet, sweet Pepsi since Oct. 19th. I have only drank 3 things in those 7 days: water (lots of water), iced tea, and orange juice (no pulp please).

The first two days were the hardest, I had a pretty major headache as my body screamed, ‘WHERE THE HELL IS MY PEPSI, SISSIE BOY! GIVE IT TO ME! SWEET, SWEET PEPSI WILL SOLVE EVERYTHING, YOU FOOL!”

Yes, my body is a bit of a jerk, but what can you do?

I made it through and I am Pepsi-free and loving it.

Here is a patented ‘Blankbaby tidbit’:

Recently my department had an all staff meeting. Usually at all of our meetings and events there is nothing but Coke far and wide. I often inquired if I could get a little Pepsi and I was told no, Coke is the way to go.

I gradually accepted this slight, and moved on with my life.

Then, I decided I would stop drinking Pepsi, and lo and hold the Pepsi was aflowin’ at our recent meeting.

Ever get the feeling that the world is conspiring against you?

UPDATE: I must be strong. I have the Pepsi website open below this window, and one of the ‘features’ of the website is the sound of a can of Pepsi being opened and then poured into a glass with ice (I am not a fan of ice with my soda). One of the best sounds in life. Folks, it is the little things.

I must remain ever vigilant.

3 responses to “No Pepsi: Week One”

  1. When I decided to stop drinking all sodas and most juices (made from concentrate i.e), I didn’t think it would be a problem.
    Then at these work meetings, where I just make it in time, I would discover that not only is there no water, but there is no water!
    I soon took my big ass steel cup to work. It holds 2 glasses of water. No longer will I have to listen to a presentation with a dry throat, but now I can wrestle with my bladder as well.
    Hmm…The Wrestling Bladders would be a good band name.

  2. Keep it up man… I once gave up coke for lent. was a long 12 weeks. I am inspired by you. I may try it myself to see how long I can go without my beloved Coca cola.
    It has been 30 minutes already..

  3. Well, as I said the first 2 days are the toughest.
    However, as I remember from the last time I did this, absense of Pepsi just makes it taste all the more sweet once you have it again.
    So, you must be strong!
    Sam, I have a big Nalgene bottle that I carry around the office. Works very well for me.

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