I’m fat, are you happy now?

nopepsi.jpgThose who know me, or those who have seen any pictures of me, know that I am what you would call a ‘fat guy’ (you probably wouldn’t call me that to my face, unless you were very rude, but you get my point). In college some of my friends called me ‘jolly,’ my mother called me ‘husky’ when I was a kid, and most people of the opposite sex (who have met me) think of me as either the ‘funny guy,’ or the ‘oddly quiet guy who is creeping me out a little bit with his constant staring and labored breathing (an impression usually gained after I have walked up a few flights of stairs).’

Anyway, my point is I need to shed some pounds. This isn’t some sort of recent revelation, nor is it doctor’s orders; it is something I have been thinking about for a long time and I have thought about it long enough. I have a tendency to think and think about things but never actually act on them, so in order to kick start a healthier new me I thought I would write about it on Blankbaby, for everyone to read about.

The first step towards a healthy new Scott? Stopping all intake of Pepsi, effective immediately.

People who know me well, or in passing, know I love Pepsi more than any man should love a carbonated liquid, and might be shocked to learn that I am willing to give it up. A few years ago I tried drinking less Pepsi, but that didn’t work out. Then I tried drinking Pepsi only when I ate out, but that didn’t last long. The one time I tried to stop drinking Pepsi cold turkey I did it for about 7 months, and I felt much better. At month 7 I thought, ‘Hey, I can have some sweet, sweet Pepsi again.’

And I did; I haven’t stopped drinking it since, until that is today.

It is true that Pepsi alone isn’t responsible for my girth, but it certainly doesn’t help. I am sure I get a large part of my ’empty calories’ from Pepsi.

Therefore, I am off the Pepsi! If you see me drinking Pepsi I give you the right to smack me in the face as hard as you can followed by the phrase, ‘That, sir, was for your own good.’

I’ll miss you sweet, sweet Pepsi, but I am a better man without you.

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  1. This may not help, but I gained lotso poundage after I stopped drinking pepsi and eating cheesesteaks. Then I gained more weight after I stopped drinking most juices and eating pizzas and lasagnas every other day. I am considering stopping my once or twice a week alcohol intake. That thought process still continues.

  2. Best of luck with giving up Pepsi. Personally, I don’t understand how anyone could drink that bile, it tastes horrid in my opinion. But then, I am a peanut butter addict, and not everyone likes that stuff either. I had to give up peanut butter, because I just could not control myself with it. I had the same problem with Tostitos. And now I am trying to seriously cut back on wine. So I totally understand. Life’s a bitch. Dieting sucks.
    Hey, did you ever see that Flintstone episode where Fred tries dieting, and he joins this diet group who watch him day and night so he won’t cheat? And every time they steal food from him, they say: “Goink, goink, goink!”
    Will people get to do that if they see you drinking Pepsi?

  3. No, I’m not happy now!
    For me to be happy, you must shower me with money and presents.
    But seriously, I’ve long known of your Pepsi preference. I hope it works out for you! I’ve successfully cut down on my soda consumption at work. Where I used to get up around 3pm and buy a 20oz Coke from the machine, now I get a cup of water instead. I don’t know if it’s had any real effect on my appearance or health, but at least I feel better about myself every time.
    Good luck!

  4. Maybe you should get a webcam so we can check in and make sure you’re not drinking Pepsi. Anyone who catches you in the act gets to write one Blankbaby entry on any topic.
    Sounds like a great step–good luck!

  5. Good luck, Scott. I quit the Pepsi about six-weeks ago. At lunch I now get Gatorade and for the hour commute I get an iced-tea.
    The power of positive thinking works wonders.

  6. Thanks for all the well wishes, you well wishers you!
    I am feeling very good about this decision, I am at a pretty good point in my life, and I just feel like things can only get better!
    Sam – I don’t drink, so I am not worried about that, and I think the only way I could gain weight without drinking Pepsi is if I drink melted butter instead.
    Patricia – If you see me drinking Pepsi you can feel free to yell, “Goink, goink, goink.” I must admit that I don’t remember that Flintstone episode, but I WISH I had Fred’s build ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thad – No gifts and money for you, but more water! Hurrah for water! It is my new favorite drink.
    Becky – I don’t think that a webcam would be that interesting, I just sit around and not drink Pepsi, however the writing of an entry on Blankbaby is a good idea!
    Brad – Thanks! How is it going? I don’t like Gatorade, so I am going to stick with water, which I think is better for you in general, and it is even free. Hey, I didn’t think about the money I am going to save!
    Good riddance, Pepsi!

  7. I just wanted to wish you well too, and testify that you made it through the day, unless you are drinking Pepsi right now…
    Good Luck SMc, you can do it!!!

  8. I struggle with my weight. I stopped my favourite drink pepsi for one month, I also stopped all the other sugar and sugar free soda drinks.
    After one month I relaized that I had gained more weight!
    I have come to this conclusion: I’m a sugar addict, if I do not have a sugar rush with every meal, then I will automatically run and eat chocolate which contains more sugar and more fat than any pepsi can for that matter.
    If I don’t intake sugar in some way, after 3 weeks I start becoming dizzy, weary, moody and totally unproductive in my life.
    I’ve tried this so many times. Here is my rule:
    during one day I can have only:
    2 sweet cups of coffee
    2 sweet cans of pepsi
    no ice cream – no chips of whatever sort – no chocolate or brownies or whatever.
    during one week I can have only:
    2 meals of meat
    1 reasonable bowl of ice cream
    1 small bowl of chips
    3 bags of popcorn
    1 junk food meal (pizza, burger)

  9. OMG!!! I quit drinking Pepsi 1 week ago and I have already lost 5 lbs. thats enough for me to stay Pepsi FREE!!!

  10. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME I desperately need help on how to give up drinking pepsi anyone have an ideas or help please let me know

  11. I have known that drinking Pepsi was the biggest reason for my biggest problem (hips). But I love the stuff. When I stop drinking Pepsi I dont have to change any other part of my diet. That alone is enough to drop the pounds fast.
    Do you think that Pepsi is more addictive than Coke? I ask because it seems that Coke drinkers arent as dedicated as Pepsi drinkers.
    Oh and I have found another good motivation to give up the the Pepsi demon. Just a few days ago I was chewing on my favorite banana taffy and got a little grossed out when something crunchy entered the mix. It turned out to be the enamil off one of my teeth. that really sux.
    thanks and good luck
    you have renewed my inspiration.

  12. I’m working on day two of no Pepsi. I too have replaced it with the Caffeine pills as well. No cravings at all. WOW I’m surprised. No weight loss as of yet, I’ll keep ya’ll posted.
    T ๐Ÿ™‚

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