Considering I am on orablogs now, an Oracle post

RocketBoots chronicles the steps it takes to install Oracle 9i on a Powerbook:

It seems that on every big project I’ve worked on over the years, the geek held in highest reverence by the project has been the Big Iron DBA – we’re talking CICS-IMS, DB2, Informix, and Oracle here, not your wussy-point-and-click SQL Server, nested-selects-still-alpha mySQL or (gasp) Access. There’s something about that “I know where your data lives and I can toast the lot in a single line of PL/SQL” look that simultaneously evokes an impression of raw power and unconcerned laziness in the awestruck observer.

Most of the post consists of ‘follow the directions,’ but it is interesting to read nonetheless.

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  1. I was a pretty damn good CICS/IMS programmer back in the day, so I take issue with this person lumping IMS, DB2, and Oracle into the same “non-wussy” category (even though they all run on Big Iron).
    Foreign key constraints enforced by the database? Wussy. The ability to retrieve data via a simple SQL query? Wussy. For cryin’ out loud, an optimizer that automagically chooses the best indexes and data access path? Totally freakin’ wussy.

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