In which I point out that I am a boy
Why is my PC vomiting on my shoes?

Sun will rise

Sun wants to take back the campus:

"I was back in my office today for the first time in over a week, and was very happy to find 24 boxes each containing a Sun Java Workstation in the mailroom waiting for me. Well, they aren't exactly for me, they are for the program I discussed last week (see below). I've had so much positive feedback from this program that I decided to expand it, with a slightly different take. What we are going to do next is donate 200 workstations, 20 each to the ten universities that come up with the best proposals for using 20 new workstations. If your from a top school and have a great idea on how you can improve the world (OK, I'll settle for something more basic like how you'll teach a better Computer Graphics class using Solaris and a Sun Java Workstation), talk to your Sun sales representative and ask him or her about our "Campus Take Back" grants. Our marketing folks haven't all figured out how to blog, and they might take a few weeks to get information about this program out to the world, so if you get a funny look back from your sales rep, don't be shy, go ahead and drop me an email and ask about it. You might even end up with 20 boxes in your mailroom next month!"