Philadelphia Architects and Buildings

I came across the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings while browsing UPENN‘s website. Here is a blurb about the site:

The Philadelphia Architects and Buildings database provides authoritative information on three centuries of Philadelphia buildings and designers. PAB incorporates data and images from the collections of more than 25 Philadelphia-area repositories. The database is added to and amended daily, and additional building and biographical information is welcomed through our user feedback.

I found out that the building I live in is a registered Historic Place. I am not sure what happened here, other than this is my first residence in Philadelphia, but I am sure it was something very cool.

3 responses to “Philadelphia Architects and Buildings”

  1. If your historic building is overpriced and people (neighborhood committees) yell at you when you stick anything out of your window, then you truly are in a historic building.
    Of course I would rather they really do what was historically done in some of these historic buildings…like having blacksmiths and prostitutes living in Elfreth’s Alley, but that would make the alley historically accurate, and no one wants that. 🙂

  2. Yeah, Sam’s right. My old neighborhood was designated “historic” after the old man across the street had the audacity to put in a very ugly bay window. Nothing much historic happened on that block except when Willie Sutton broke out of the Pen, but dammit, people just can’t go around putting in ugly bay windows. What country do they think this is?

  3. Well thank you both for raining on my parade. I was hoping Ben Franklin slept here or something. Now I know it is probably historic so the owners don’t paint it pink with green stripes or something.

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