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New iPod’s Hidden Niceties

Macworld Editors’ Notes Weblog: New iPod’s Hidden Niceties

I’ve only had my click-wheel iPod for a few days, but today I discovered a new feature that initially annoyed me — but now I find quite clever.

Basically, if you’ve only got a set of headphones (or any other device) connected to your iPod via its mini jack, and that jack gets pulled out, the iPod senses it and automatically pauses. So if you’re walking somewhere and you accidentally have your headphones ripped from your iPod (hey, it does happen), the iPod will not continue to play while you regain your senses and decide what to do next.

I think it’s a pretty cool little idea. I admit it might be annoying if you were just trying to quickly transfer your iPod from a speaker to headphones or back again (as I was when I discovered this feature), and it might be nice if you could turn it off. But it’s still a cool little detail.

It is the little things that make the difference, and Apple is all about the little things. Too bad I don’t have a good reason to get a new iPod. It is also too bad that Apple has decided not the release a firmware update to the G3 iPod that would give them most of the new features of the new iPod.

My life is so tough.

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