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Sharin' that Gmail love

Well, I just logged into my Gmail account, and it looks like I have 2 invitations to hand out. I had three, but I sent one to my friend Glenn.

So who amongst my adoring public would like an invitation to try out Gmail. It is the slickest web mail I have ever used. I am thinking about giving up my .Mac account for it, but I am going to use it for awhile before I make up my mind.

Give 'em hell, Tom

Tom's post pretty much sums up how I feel about this whole after college thing:

I was told in College to work hard and learn so I could be ready for Life After College.

I wasn't ever ready to leave College.  Hell, I *liked* college.  I had a schedule, I had options that were clear, I had a goal in mind.  I had an easy social atmosphere, I had friends who just dropped by.

I was also deluded into thinking this was how it was outside of the university.  People worked together on projects and hung out.  People just dropped by your house to have a beer and sit on the porch or go for some disc.

This isn't how it works out here.

Of course I usually made fun of people who called a frisbee a disc, but that is besides the point. I am supposed to be an adult, but being an adult sucks. I have to work like a chump, take more and more responsibility because I am good at something that isn't related to the added responsibility, and finally I have to pay bills?

Sheesh, where are the Flying Cars anyway?

Microsoft: BOO!, Scripting Guys: Yay!

As many of you know I am a devote Apple follower, however, I pay the bills taking care of several Windows Servers about about 85 desktops (of the 85 desktops 4 are Macs). While I am not fan of Microsoft there are some things about the Behomoth in Redmond that I do enjoy, and one of those things are the Scripting Guys (and after reading their bios, if you don't like 'em, well there is no accounting for taste).

I obviously enjoy their humor, which helps make a relatively dry subject much more fun, and I also like the fact that they help me get things don quickly and effiecntly. If it takes more than two steps, I shouldn't be doing it manually.

Thanks to Scobie I have found out that one or all of the Scripting Guys have a blog called The Scripting Guys' First Blog. Subcribed.

There is a reason you shouldn't put your Palm on the floor

Remember awhile ago, I was so excited about about my new Palm Tungsten C?

Well, I just broke it. It was on the floor, and I didn't notice. I stepped on it and cracked the screen. Of course that isn't covered by the warranty, so it would probably cost more to fix it than replace it.

What a bummer. I am just hoping that they come out with a Treo that has built in WiFi and bluetooth.

Until that happens, I am not getting another PDA.

The Two Things

An interesting idea, for every subject you really only need to know two things. An example:

The Two Things about Database Administration:
1. Backups are life. (Comment:  You can screw up anything you want, miss deadlines on projects, or whatever and it likely won't get you fired, but if you don't have backups in a crisis or an audit you're done.)
2. Premature optimization is the root of all evil.  (From Knuth, via ESR, and it applies to database admninistration as much as Unix Programming.)

And it seems to be true.

Sci Fi Museum Photos


My friend Larry is a curator at the Sci Fi Museum here in Seattle- and last night I got a sneak peek at the "Family n' Friends" opening. Let me just say I was really looking forward to seeing what they had done, but also skeptical that it'd be good. I was blown away. It's a small museum, but gorgeously's in the EMP which looks like a space blob anyway so it fits right in.

Can you say road trip?

Why won't anyone invite me to Gmail

Josh Dura got a nice email:

As I awoke at 2 A.M. last night for my nightly "take the dog outside" trip, I decided to check my email (yes, I am a freak). To my surprise, there was an email from the Gmail system, notifying that Jonas Galvez (thanks Jonas!) had invited me to join the Gmail beta. I signed up, finalized the process, left it at that for the night, and went back to bed.

All will not be right with the world until I can lay claim to my name (inserting my name for the my name).

I did get invited to Orkut, but it sucks. I can use a new email address, of what use would I have of these 'friends' you humans seem to enjoy?