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Give 'em hell, Tom

Tom's post pretty much sums up how I feel about this whole after college thing:

I was told in College to work hard and learn so I could be ready for Life After College.

I wasn't ever ready to leave College.  Hell, I *liked* college.  I had a schedule, I had options that were clear, I had a goal in mind.  I had an easy social atmosphere, I had friends who just dropped by.

I was also deluded into thinking this was how it was outside of the university.  People worked together on projects and hung out.  People just dropped by your house to have a beer and sit on the porch or go for some disc.

This isn't how it works out here.

Of course I usually made fun of people who called a frisbee a disc, but that is besides the point. I am supposed to be an adult, but being an adult sucks. I have to work like a chump, take more and more responsibility because I am good at something that isn't related to the added responsibility, and finally I have to pay bills?

Sheesh, where are the Flying Cars anyway?