Gilmore Girls

Maura on the season finale of Gilmore Girls

I’d say something cool and witty, but I’m still pretty much over the moon about the Luke/Lorelai kiss on onight’s Gilmore Girls, and I can’t think of much else. Silly, I know.

Ok, so I like watching the Gilmore Girls. It is one of the best written shows on TV and Lauren Graham sure is easy on the eyes.

Anyway, the only two episodes I missed are as follows:

  • Rory and Paris Kiss
  • The Season Finale

It makes me sad, but thank goodness for the wonders of Bit Torrent.

11 responses to “Gilmore Girls”

  1. I would agree that Lauren is easy on the eyes, but she looks angry in those pictures!!

  2. As a friend, I have made my views on this being your favorite show [or one of them] quite clear ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I just don’t understand it.
    And yeah, Lauren Graham is pretty cute Butnot cute enough to get me to watch more than a few minutes of the show though.

  3. Ahh but Glenn you are a wacky Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.
    Those in glass houses.. and all that rot.
    Yes, I momentarily turned in a white haired british guy, got a problem with that?

  4. Haha,
    That is true, that is true.
    But buffy was a good show (for the most part) ๐Ÿ™‚
    And since you brought up the “easy on the eyes” thing in your first post.. I give you Sarah Michelle Gellar.. who is just one of the “easy on the eyes” females on that show.

  5. Understandable,(the three name thing) since most serial killers are publicized by the news with three names – eg John Wayne Gacy.
    I can look past the three name thing in her case, but not in Sarah Jessica Parker’s! Damn that woman pisses me off! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Well, that is fine. I guess we will agree to disagree on this topic! I will continue to think of the Gilmore Girls show as a show for .. well girls/women and you can think Vampires are silly!

  6. Pfft,
    I think we all know that I am rarely wrong about things like that!
    All I know is if you start watching Sex and the City on Lifetime there are going to be problems! Hahaha

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