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Becky, over at Good Grief! beat me to the punch with this post about an article in this month’s Wired magazine (the print version, the web version isn’t up yet).

First a brief summary of the article. Basically this article is about four male geeks who are having a tough time with the ladies (some more than others) and the various ways they are using technology to help them. One is a blogger, one a hacker, one a tech millionaire, and the fourth is a happily married geek who just likes to watch.

Each other them have their own techniques for getting the ladies. The hacker spends his time in Starbucks scanning the WiFi network sniffing packets. When he sees a cute woman that he wants to meet he hopes they log onto AIM so that he can aquire their screen name and send them a message using some software that he created. Apparently the women that log onto Starbuck’s WiFi network are easily impressed. He even credits clever use of emoticons with getting someone to sleep with him.

Not my style.

The Googler has created an algorithm that generates a code based on what you are looking for in a mate. His plan is for people to post their codes on websites, and the person looking for someone types the code they want into Google, and BAM, you’re feeling lucky.

Not my style.

The blogger wants to harness the power of XML and P2P networks to create the ultimate dating website.

This idea has a good amount of buzzwords, which I enjoy, and the one method I might consider giving a whirl.

Finally the married guy is just exposing the security flaws in online dating sites. He claims, and I have no reason not to believe him, that all the social websites are easy to hack and get a lot of information from.

Where does that leave us? I am not sure. I, like the gentlemen described above, am looking for someone to spend my life with. Do I think their methods are wrong? Well, I don’t agree with the hacker’s ways (no matter how cute he may or may not be) but who am I to judge?

Early today I was remarking to Elisa (the woman who broke up with me about 3 months ago, ending our 7 year relationship) that I don’t know how to meet people. I wasn’t being clever, or cute. I really have no idea how to meet people. I have made friends with a bunch of my co-workers, and that is a good start I imagine, but I really don’t know anyone other than people I work with in Philadelphia.

I don’t want this post to make it look as though I am an unhappy person. I am incredibly happy with my job, and I have some great friends, who don’t live in the area. I just think I spend too much time by myself.

Anyway, back to the Wired article, I wish these guys all the luck in the world, but their methods are not for me. I think they are just lonely guys looking for the right woman, well the Googler and the blogger are. The hacker is just some creep looking to get laid.

The blogger, has of course blogged about the interview here. Subscribed.

UPDATE: The article is now available on the web. Read it and weep.

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  1. He doesn’t strike me as the type that ever goes with the flow of anything. If there is a problem, he will find a solution, or die trying.

  2. Someone quoted Billy Bragg in my comments section: “scholarship is the enemy of romance.”
    I kinda feel sorry for that guy (Chau Vuong, not Billy Bragg).

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