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McSweeney's: Pros and Cons of John Kerry's Top Twenty Vice-Presidential Candidtates

A very funny article on McSweeney's about Kerry's picks for VP. One my favorites:

10. Nancy Pelosi, Representative and House Minority Leader, California

Pro: Could lure disenchanted liberal voters who might otherwise go with Nader
Con: As a liberal, hates America, would make religion illegal, raise taxes by 500 percent, move Capitol to France

Am I a geek, or what?

During this holiday weekend I was out and about quite a bit, for me. I tend to stay home on the weekends and only sally forth in order to purchase food.

However, this weekend I threw caution to the wind and went shopping, exciting I know.

One of the things I picked up this weekend are these cool wall graphics. I haven't put them up yet, but I will. Can anyone say, 'Chick magnet?'

I was looking for buy a new couch this weekend, but sadly the one I want was out of stock, but they should be back in stock in the middle of the month.

I am also in the market for a new lamp for my livingroom. I realized the other day that I have been living in my apartment for a little over a year, and it still looks like I moved in last week. I need to get some 'grown up' furniture and make this space mine.

Should I call myself Gilligan?

Dear god, I am watching this stupid reality show called 'The One That Got Away,' which is a guy meeting up with several ex girlfriends, and friends who may want to be more than friends, and he picks the one that he thinks is 'The One.'

Reasons why this show sucks:

  • The guy's name is Skip, and people call him 'Skipper.'
  • He just uttered the phrase, 'This brother needs a wingman.'

This show makes me wonder why stooges like Skipper have several beautiful women vying for him and I have a grand total of zero women chasing after me. What is the dealio?

Cfchart Improvements

Tim Buntel posts about some possible improvements for charting in the next version of Coldfusion:

The data is passed into a chart on the page in the tagset and all the rest of the information in defined in a style elsewhere. For example, Blackstone could ship with several pre-defined styles (brushed metal, autumn afternoon, and other daft names) that you can specify in the cfchart tag. Then you get a professional looking graph with a pleasing color palette in very few lines of code - and all of the charts on your site can have a similar look and feel (be they bar, line, pie, or mixed series charts) without ever needing to worry about the attributes. Customizing or creating your own styles would involve defining this XML based style definition document.

guster, Ben, Rufus

According to guster dot com Guster, Ben Folds, and Rufus Wainwright (whose name I can't pronouce correctly) are playing together at Penn's Landing in Philly on July 7th. Tickets are about $40.

I saw Guster perform at Penn's Landing last summer, and it was almost magical. Their laid back tunes and the weather combined to form a fantastic experience.

I think I am going to go to this concert, I will just need to find some people to go with. But if I can't I am going to go alone. I'm a big boy!

I have the travel bug!

Who wants to go to Ireland with me this summer?

I have just decided that I am going for a week, at some point this summer (the prices are quite affordable) but it is always fun to travel with someone, as opposed to alone and bitter. I like to have company when I am bitter.

I also need to decide if I want to book my trip with a Tour company that will cart me around to all the sights, or if I want to do it all on my own.

I think the best idea would be to book the trip with a tour company and take a few extra days after the tour to explore on my own.

So, who wants to go? And yes, you would have to pay for yourself, but you would get to hang out with me in my ancestral homeland.

Aftermath [dive into mark]

Aftermath [dive into mark]

The bummer about writing a wildly popular article is that it brings out the crazy-ass motherfuckers. Partly because they’re attracted to memes like moths to a bug zapper, but partly because such articles reach a much wider audience than my usual readership, and I’d like to think that my usual readership is a cut above the rest of the population. Of course, most writers think this, and we can’t all be right. I don’t want to get all Garrison Keillor on your ass, but you can’t all be saner than average. I’m just sayin’.

An Update, and a new Category

Thanks to the marvels of technology I am sitting in Air France's Business Class lounge and posting to Blankbaby wirelessly, from Paris, France. I am on my way back to Philly from St. Petersburg, Russia and I thought I would post a qucik update before I post a few much longer postings.

Just so you can get an idea of what I have been up to for the last few days, take a look at this picture:


I am standing in front of one of the many canals in St. Petersburg, wwith a few palaces in the background for some flavor.

If you EVER have a chance to go to St. Petersburg you should, but be aware they only have 60 days of sunshine (we were lucky it only rained on our last day there), they have 2 months of summer and 6 months of winter. It is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. And I have lots more pictures to post, but I will do as soon as I get home. I am hoping to edit my pictures on the plane ride to Philly, and then post them from home. Of course, I might just fall asleep in which case it will take me a little longer to get the pictures up.



They Rule allows you to create maps of the interlocking directories of the top companies in the US in 2004. The data was collected from their websites and SEC filings in early 2004, so it may not be completely accurate - companies merge and disappear and directors shift boards.

This is a very cool resource.

IPod All the Rage in High Fashion

Wired News: IPod All the Rage in High Fashion

Forget the $200 iPod bag from Gucci; it's for cheapskates.

The ultimate iPod accessory is Fendi's Juke Box, a $1,500 carrying case for transporting multiple iPods.

That's right: multiple iPods.

The bag, unveiled by the Italian fashion house at a catwalk show in Milan, is a rectangular gilded purse about the size of a bread bin. It is lined with multicolored cloth and incorporates a pocket for holding up to a dozen iPods (see photo).

This bas was designed by famous designer, and iPod nut, Karl Lagerfeld. Although, sadly, this case would be too small for his collection of iPods. He has 40 of them. You read that right, 40.

Trouble in Tablet Land?

Trouble in Tablet Land?

It doesn't take much tea-leaf reading to see that the Microsoft-championed Tablet PC is at a crossroads.

When Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates launched the Tablet PC back on November 7, 2002, he touted the technology as "a whole new way of experiencing the personal computer." The Tablet was more than a PDA. It was better than a notebook. It was the mobile form factor of the future, destined to spawn an entirely new class of apps — like Microsoft's own ePeriodicals, for one. (By the way, whatever happened to ePeriodicals?)

I am in the IT industry, and I tend to be on top of industry trends. I have never seen a Tablet PC in person, but from what I have read online you have to use them to truly understand their appeal.

Maybe I can get Microsoft to send me one, and I will review it on here. That would be sweet.

Scobie, what do you think? ;)