Talk about living on the edge

Eric’s Archived Thoughts

Suddenly, we caught a break and the rest of the pages all finished loading within a few seconds of each other. I grabbed each in turn, my fingers flashing back and forth between the trackpad and the keyboard, capturing and closing windows as fast as possible. Five left… almost there… three.. two… stay on target…

“Okay, let’s go!” I said triumphantly, flipping the laptop shut. “Got ’em all.”

Kat eased us away from the curb, moving off at a relaxed pace so as not to draw any attention. As we turned toward the north, we shared a glance and a quiet laugh. We’d gotten in, gotten the data, and gotten out in the space of less than five minutes. Perfect. Just the way I’d planned it.

When I was unable to get the laptop onto the conference network for my presentation on High-Powered Style, every pulse-pounding minute of the heist paid off tenfold.

What did we do before WiFi?

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