One day I will be a Starfleet Captain

BBC News says Trekkie communicator ready to go

The Vocera communications system channels voice calls via a wi-fi network to recognise who someone is trying to reach and then to connect them.

Servers do the job of decoding speech to recognise names, find out if the person is available and then a portion of the wireless network is reserved so the people can speak to each other.

I have several comments on this story:

  • It should be entitled Trekker Communicator Ready to Go. Yes, I am a huge Star Trek geek.
  • This is freakin’ uber-cool. I am holding out for replicators and a moneyless society though.
  • Vocera uses Coldfusion for their website. Neato
  • Though they are a little cheesy you can see the system in action with these videos.

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