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I just recieved an email from my Alma Mater that is targeted towards Young Alumni like myself.

Since I work in development (that’s fundraising to all you ‘non-industry’ types) it is always interesting to get these kinds of mailings. Luckily for me I made the transition from Alumni Relations to Development Services (computer guy) so I don’t actually have to write this kinda stuff anymore.

One thing that stuck out was this (quoted in its entirety):

What’s a blog? Why do I care?

A blog (short for “web log”) is essentially a personal online newspaper. In blogs you will find interesting articles to irrelevant musings for interested (or bored) people to read. If you’ve heard of Blogger.com or LiveJournal, you’re already “in the know.”

Why are we even talking about this in a Lehigh newsletter? Why do you care? Because the YAC is creating blogs for Lehigh young alumni! The idea is to generate a dialog among classmates, between friends, and among alumni. We’ll be rolling these out over the next few months. Here’s the preview:


* REUNION NEWS: Catch the latest — and provide your 2 cents — on the Young Alumni Reunion 2004 before the web site officially opens. http://www.celebratelehigh.com/blog/


* THE INSIDE SCOOP: Chris Marshall, director of the alumni association, will be blogging as well as Bob Wolfenden, director of young alumni programming.
* CLASS DIRT: Know that class notes section in the back of the alumni bulletin? Expect to see that content (with even more information) in a blog starting this summer!
* COUNCIL STUFF: Members of the Young Alumni Council will be blogging about what the council is up to!
* CONTROVERSY: The No Spin Zone blog will cover campus issues like the recent artwork situation or the new CAS dean selection process — without spin, just the unvarnished truth. We publish, you decide (take that, Bill!)

Read and bookmark http://www.celebratelehigh.com/blog/

Share your thoughts. Get involved!

So it looks like good old Lehigh has embraced blogs. Makes an old blogger like myself tear up I tells ya.

And the blog even has two feeds Short Mode and Full Mode.

And of course it is always nice to see Coldfusion being used. I sense the influence of fellow Lehigh ’99er, and Coldfusion gadfly; Steve Rittler.

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