How can you hate Woz?

Crazy Apple Rumors is at it again:

Crazy Apple Rumors Site: Friday Feature: Crazy Apple Help Desk.

Q: Uh, well, um… see, I don’t really have anything that I’m mad about.
A: Oh, c’mon, there’s got to be something. Anything. Like… Airport 3.4?
Q: No. No. I didn’t install it.
A: Oh. Well… how about other technical problems? Anything wrong with your Mac?
Q: No. No, really. Oh. Ah. Well… no. I shouldn’t mention this.
A: What? No, go ahead. Let it out.
Q: Um, well, OK. See, it just that, uh… I hate Steve Wozniak.
A: What?! You can’t hate the Woz! How can you hate the Woz?! He’s like the… he’s the nice one!
Q: I dunno. I just do.
A: Well… what is it about him you hate?
Q: Well… everything. His beard. Naming his company Wheels of Zeus. What’s that supposed to mean? Just anything that stands for Woz, I guess. Kinda egotistical if you ask me.
A: Oh, dude, you are way off base on this! Woz is a Apple icon!
Q: Well, if he were an icon, I’d be dragging him to the trash about now.
A: Don’t make me get Ugluk.
Q: I don’t care. My hatred of Woz has given me the strength of ten men.
A: Oh, it has not.
Q: You don’t know that. It might have.

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