100 per cent broadband has finally arrived

I was talking with my friend Glenn the other day about various things. I mentioned that since Elisa and I are no longer an item I don’t have to stay in Philly anymore. Now, let me say that I do like Philly, and my job is pretty cool so I have no immediate plans to move, but I like to have the option.

I was listing the places that I would like to live, namely Seattle, Vermont, and Alaska (I might not have mentioned that one to Glenn but I have been thinking about moving to Alaska for awhile, not sure why). Glenn made the very good point that I was limiting myself. I can speak english so why not move to a different country (an english speaking country). So now my attention moves to Ireland. And here is even more reason to move to the Emerald Isle:

100 per cent broadband has finally arrived – silicon.com

The Northern Ireland Executive announced today that it intends to live the dream of 100 per cent broadband with the news it has picked BT to supply the high-speed internet technology to every single home and business in the country.

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