On April 5th, 2003 my brother and I packed up all my belongings and moved them to my new apartment in Center City, Philadelphia. It is hard to believe that I have been here for almost a year.

On April 14th, 2003 I started my new job at Wharton, which has been the best professional move I have made in my short career. I have learned alot about technology and myself in this position, and I hope to learn even more.

Alot has changed since a year ago. Elisa, a big part of my reason for leaving NY to begin with, and I are no longer together. And that is about the only thing that has changed.. oh wait, I got a laptop.

Do I regret moving to Philly? Not at all, the city is a great place to live (heck, I can afford to live in Downtown Philadelphia. The only way I could have lived in Manhattan was if I subleted a box and got a roommate), my job is going quite well, and I like the small group of people I have met here.

During my second year in Philadelphia I am going to be doing some things differently. Since I am not single, I will be looking for some ladies (ladies feel free to email me). I need to widen my rather pathetic group of local Philly friends (the friends are good, the number is pathetic), and finally I need to take advantage of the city.

When I worked in NYC I almost never did anything that the city offered, I hardly went to concerts or museums, I didn’t eat out as much as I should have. I find myself falling into the same rut here in Philly. I don’t want that to happen, so now if I am not doing anything on a Saturday afternoon I am going to go to a Museum, or just take a walk and see what happens. I am also toying with the idea of declaring Wednesday, “Scott Eats Out Night,” and try eating at a variety of the local eateries.

I will keep you posted, but if you know anyone in the Philly area send ’em over to my blog.

Hey, I need to start somewhere, and I get most of my stuff from the internet so why not my friends as well?

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  1. Thanks Mike! But you don’t work in Univeristy City any more, so I doubt that we will run into each other on the street. What is wrong with you, taking a new job and all?
    I might check out PHAD, but I must admit I am far from an Apple Developer. I am just dipping my toe into AppleScript at the moment. I am much more at home with databases and Coldfusion.

  2. I may not work a full time job in U. City anymore but will be around over the summer as I teach a class on Modern Web Design at Drexel.
    As for geekness requirements for PHAD, don’t concern yourself. We eat pizza and talk code (even AppleScript) — if you ever want to stop in just do so.

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