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iRooster, a Mac OS X-only, Cocoa-based application, allows you to quickly and easily create alarms to wake you up in the morning. Create a special playlist in iTunes for waking up, or use any of the pre-existing iTunes playlists: iRooster will play back your Library, smart playlists, and normal playlists too.

Now I haven’t used this software, but it seems pretty cool. But does EVERYTHING have to have a freakin’ metal interface?

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  1. Well, no. It doesn’t need to have a metal UI. However, the guiding criterion for using a metal UI appears to be that your app is a single window, as opposed to being a multiple-window app ::cough::safari::cough::. I haven’t really heard any complaints about the metal appearance, but I will be happy to entertain the notion of adding a switch to the preferences to let you toggle between these settings. Cheers 🙂

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