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At the Philadelphia Area Apple Script Usergroup Meeting

Well I am typing this at the Philadelphia Area Applescript User’s Group meeting. It was quite a trip to get here. I thought I would just walk over to the University of the Sciences since I work nearby. Thanks to my legendary sense of direction I was totally lost for about 30 minutes, and in a not so nice area of Philadelphia.

I backtracked my steps and took a cab (which would have been a much wiser idea to begin with) and now I am here.

The topic of today’s meeting is ‘Introduction to Apple Script,’ but we have talked about Apple Script yet. Just talking about group business, which is interesting in and of itself.

FaceSpan 4 is being demoed, which is a third party application that enables you to create applications using Apple Script, much like AppleScript Studio, the big differences are it is a little easier to use, and it isn’t free. The overall recommendation seems to be use Studio since it is free.

Ok, now we are going to talk about Apple Script, so I am going to pay attention now.

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