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Howard Dean's Stance on Urine?

Don't drink it, says the good Doctor, according to the Looking

Making the point that good scientists must "never take anything for granted," Dean observed that water from a flushed toilet actually would be cleaner for drinking than water untreated from the nearby Mississippi River.

"That's disgusting!" one girl shouted. Another student volunteered that his experiment studied dog urine.

"Now that we're on dog pee, we can have an interesting conversation about that," Dean said. "I do not recommend drinking urine . . . but if you drink water straight from the river, you have a greater chance of getting an infection than you do if you drink urine."

iPoo-pooing the iPod

Telegraph | Arts | Why I'm turning a deaf ear to the Pod botherers

I hate iPods. I mean, I really, really hate them. There, I've said it. My feelings towards Apple's oh-so-clever digital music player have left me feeling ostracised and hopelessly out of the loop.

Every time I slip the latest CD into my Walkman (�35), part of me wonders if I'm a freak for thinking that �400 is too much to spend on a portable music player. Am I culturally impoverished for failing to understand why it's essential to have 10,000 songs in my back pocket when I pop out for a pint of milk? Am I the only person who doesn't get over-excited by the sleek, minimalist design (a "touch wheel", how clever)?

Methinks we need to stone the unbeliever.

The South Street Bridge is Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down South Street bridge closed; I-76 a mess

Crumbling concrete from the South Street Bridge closed the westbound lanes of the Schuylkill Expressway beginning early this morning. The highway could remain closed through tonight's rush hour, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation spokesperson Gene Blaum said, while city workers hastily repair a damaged sidewalk on the bridge's north side.

This didn't really have an affect on my commute today, but Mike Zornek was not so lucky.

I also had a Mike Zornek spotting today! I was walking to Top Dog (a local bar here) and I saw him walking down the street.

Does this make me a stalker?

Happy Groundhog Day! - Groundhog Day: Punxsutawney Phil predicts long winter - Feb. 2, 2004

The world's most famous furry forecaster "saw" his shadow this chilly Groundhog Day morning, which according to tradition means six more weeks of winter.

The prediction drew boos from thousands who gathered in 17-degree weather to witness the 118th annual weather prediction.

The spirited crowd, some clad in furry groundhog hats or even full-length costumes, chanted "Phil! Phil! Phil!" after fireworks and a long night of rock music drew to an end and the hour of the ceremony neared.

I can't believe they booed Phil! Bastards.