The Powerbook has landed

I wish I had more money. Or to be precise, it isn’t the money that I want, but the stuff. If Apple would be so kind as to send me every one of their new products, I would be the happiest geek on the planet (the Lovely Elisa makes me very happy, but come on, how could she measure but to the latest gear from Apple gratis? Not even Jesus himself could inspire more awe in me than a pile of Powerbooks free for my taking. Of course that says more about me than anything else, but I ramble).

Recently, the warranty on my Titanium Powerbook was going to run out. Being the person that I am I put off getting a few small things on my Powerbook fixed. However, with the prospect of having to pay for the repairs, I thought I would get cracking and call Apple and get my Powerbook back in tip top shape.

After speaking with someone at Apple, detailing my woes (small as they were) and I was informed about the Powerbook G4 Trade in Program, which basically means Apple gives me a credit of $700 for a new Powerbook. After I had the details, and figured out it would cost me $1100 for a brand new computer that was faster than both of my current computers combined, I signed up.

Apple sent me a box for my old Powerbook and the waiting game began. I sent my old Powerbook off on Jan. 4th and I received my new Powerbook today (in fact I am typing my entry on it right now).

One word review, awesome. A little more in depth review, very awesome.

More on this, later.

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