Oracle Sets Sights on Microsoft

eWeek reports that Oracle is Setting its Sights on Microsoft

Referring to SQL Server, Phillips announced that pricing for the Windows version of Oracle 10g will debut at “the same list price per processor as Microsoft.”

This is a big deal. In the same article they also say that the Windows version of Oracle 10g will be available within 30 days.

Of course at work we are still using 8i, so we are a little behind the times. But it is one of my big goals to upgrade out database to 9i within the next 6 months. I would like to skip directly to 10g but alas, our third party vendor is now just officially supporting 9i, so I don’t think that 10g is in the cards any time soon.

Oh, and I assume you know the ‘i’ in 8i and 9i stands for ‘Internet,’ but what the heck does the ‘g’ stand for in 10g? Grid, grid computing which is one of the new trends in computing. So now you know, but you probably didn’t want to know anyway.

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