Late to work, again

I have come to the conclusion that I must strive to be on time to work every day.

It wasn’t a problem when my supervisor was here early every day, since she could handle anything that might happen. Dave and I were free to stroll in a little late. But now Pam has moved on, and Dave and I are still coming in a little late.

Nothing has happened, yet. But I just know something will, and I will be greeted with. ‘Why weren’t you here earlier? The server wasn’t working so we unplugged it, covered it with chocolate syrup, sprinkled some nuts on it and prayed to Thor for guidance. It still isn’t working.’

And if there is anything I hate, it is asking Nordic gods for help with Windows 2000 servers. Everyone knows they are Linux freaks. The Roman gods, now they like Microsoft. Mars is especially good with Active Directory.

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