I too Would like to be part of Orkut

Well it worked for Mike Zornek, a fellow Mac user, and a fellow Philadelphian, so I thought I would post on here begging and pleading for somoene to invite me to join Orkut.

You won’t regret it, I promise. I am cool, hip, swell at parlour games, and I play a mean dulcimer.

UPDATE: Tom Bridge, of Mac Slash fame has invited me to join Orkut! They like me, they really like me!

Actually, I left a comment on one of his posting and he was nice enough to take pity on me and invite me into Orkut.

Of course whenever I try to sign up, I submit the form and nothing happens. It still is in beta though, so I will try again and report back

UPDATE 2: I am now registered with Orkut, if you are a member, check out My Profile. If you want to be a member, ask and ye shall receive. Perhaps 🙂

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