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OmniWeb 5

Omniweb Workspaces

The OmniGroup is previewing OmniWeb 5, which is to be officially announced during MacWorld Expo. To the left you see what they call 'Workspaces.' Basically you can book mark a bunch of sites and store them as a Workspace, quit OmniWeb and then restart and they are still sitting in your workspace. You can also send a file to your OmniWeb 5 using friend that they can open and see your workspace. It is very cool, and I think one of the best new features of the product (which I haven't used yet, so this is all based on the product description).

Regular Expression Library -- presented by Training

Regular Expression Library -- presented by Training

Welcome to, the Internet's first Regular Expression Library. Currently we have indexed 450 expressions fromcontributors around the world. We hope you'll find this site useful and come back whenever you're looking for an expression for a particular task, or have just figured out a new expression that does something useful. Thanks!

Splashpower is good, but WiPo is better

Splashpower is something that I have been waiting for. However, I don't think it goes far enough. What I really want is a way to recharge all my techno-gear without any wires, I want WiPo (Wireless Power).

How cool would it be to be able to purchase a Wireless Power Base Station, plug it into one socket and be able to recharge your PalmPilot, PocketPC, Digital Camera, Cell Phone, MP3 player, without having to do anything?

Of course, if WiFi has taugh us anything it is that most people don't know how to secure their own networks, so the up-side would be that there would be alot of free power other there.

Now, I am no engineer, though I have my friends who are (since I went to Lehigh that is no big shock), so I say to them, I want my wireless power! I want it now!

IMing is Toxic

According to this article IMing is toxic to Information workers. Here is a quote:

Our culture is hurting from information pollution everywhere we turn. The Internet is the most severely afflicted ecosystem, with countless content-free Web pages overflowing with either low-value stream-of-consciousness postings or bland "corporatese." The physical world is not much better. In the United States, for example, you can't buy a lawn mower without a label saying that you're not supposed to mow your feet. Most instruction manuals are littered with "important" warnings that caution against obvious stupidities, burying actual dangers amid a mass of irrelevancy.

New Columbia University website

My old employer seems to have changed the design of their website. I am not sure that I like it all that much, but is it much less 'Columbia blue' than the old design was.

It does have the seemingly prerequisite 'picture that changes on reload.'

My current employer uses a similiar device, but it has more impact because they are news stories that rotate, instead of static pictures.

SPAM is evil

This has got to be one of the saddest things I have read about in awhile, the whole article is here:

"It's all gone," he said Monday. "Everything."

Still, Sessions was so mesmerized by the well-spoken West Africans that to this day he does not think he was scammed. He ignored police warnings that the deal was bogus and instead blames his losses on corrupt foreign governments. He has not filed a complaint with authorities, and he keeps on his coffee table the carved wooden elephant and antelope given to him by his "associates."

"I consider them my friends," he says. "They're not criminals."

Remote Desktop Connection Client 1.0.2 for Mac OS X

For all you Mac people living in a Windows world, Microsoft has updated the Remote Desktop Connection Client, which is uber-cool.

Mactopia: Download: Remote Desktop Connection Client 1.0.2 for Mac OS X

What's New: Remote Desktop Connection Client 1.0.2 for Mac provides improved stability when used on Macintosh computers with PowerPC G5 processors. Stability is also improved for users of Mac OS X 10.3 and later.

Filthy Philly?

It seems xequa, he of big cup fame, has visited the City of Blankbaby, more commonly know as Philadelphia.

What does he think of my fair city? The entire post is here but I have picked out a quote:

In sharp contrast to the Northern Virginia/DC area, Philadelphia is definitely a place with some character, some incomprehensible charisma. The city is filthy, and even the nice areas seem a bit slummy, but there is a strong and notable feeling of neighborhood that much of the rest of America lacks.

Most of that seems to be positive, but I take offense about the slummy and filthy parts. We all know that major cities are 'untidy,' but I don't think Philadelphia is filthier than any other city of its size, and I live in Center City for goodness sake (which is located, oddly enough in the center of Philadelphia). Center City is Downtown Philadelphia, and over all I would say it is fairly well kempt. Now, being a recent addition at Philly myself, I can not say I have been to every part of this grand city, but it was good enough for Ben Franklin, so it is good enough for me.

I am tempted to end this entry with 'Go Eagles!' but I am not going to for two reasons:

  1. I don't care about football

  2. See first item

So, go eat a cheese steak, read the Declaration of Independence and be good to one another.

Wireless Wonder

I am a happy camper! For reasons, unknown to me, my Tungsten C works in Vance Hall.

Yay! Now I don't feel so bad for buying it.

You see, I knew I wanted it and I thought it would be useful to have, which it is, but without WiFi access I could have gotten a much cheaper Palm and received the same benefits. But now I am wirelessly surfing away on my PDA.

These are the things that make me happy. Is that wrong?

Idle Words - On the Wrights and Patents

Idle Words:

The Wright brothers won every patent case they fought, and it did them absolutely no good. The prospect of a fortune wasn't what motivated them to build an airplane, but ironically enough they could have made a fortune had they just passed on the litigation. In 1905, the Wrights were five years ahead of any potential competitor, and posessed a priceless body of practical knowledge. Their trade secrets and accumulated experience alone would have made them the leaders in the field, especially if they had teamed up with Curtiss. Instead, they got to watch heavily government-subsidized programs in Europe take the technical lead in airplane design as American aviation stagnated.

Found via Kottke