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The Wal-Mart You Don't Know

Just in case you don't think Wal-Mart is Evil, read this:

Fast Company | The Wal-Mart You Don't Know

Wal-Mart is not just the world's largest retailer. It's the world's largest company--bigger than ExxonMobil, General Motors, and General Electric. The scale can be hard to absorb. Wal-Mart sold $244.5 billion worth of goods last year. It sells in three months what

number-two retailer Home Depot sells in a year.

Bush brother's divorce reveals sex romps - Nov. 25, 2003 - Bush brother's divorce reveals sex romps - Nov. 25, 2003

The women, he said, simply knocked on the door of his hotel room, entered and had sex with him. He said he did not know if they were prostitutes because they never asked for money and he did not pay them.

"Mr. Bush, you have to admit it's a pretty remarkable thing for a man just to go to a hotel room door and open it and have a woman standing there and have sex with her," Brown said.

"It was very unusual," Bush said.

Security Solutions

Security Solutions

From the Executive Summary:

Microsoft is committed to sharing its internal IT security practices in order to help its customers successfully secure their environments. This paper describes what the Microsoft Corporate Security Group does to prevent malicious or unauthorized use of digital assets at Microsoft. This asset protection takes place through a formal risk management framework, risk management processes, and clear organizational roles and responsibilities. The basis of the approach is recognition that risk is an inherent part of any environment and that risk should be proactively managed. The principles and techniques described in this paper can be employed to manage risk at any organization.

I want to read this when I have more time.

Exchange flaw could open up user accounts

Exchange flaw could open up user accounts | CNET

Consumers logging into their Web-based mailbox sometimes find themselves accessing another user's account, with full privileges, according to Matthew Johnson, a network administrator with a U.S. company that sells tools for investors and fund managers. Johnson reported the bug earlier this month on the NTBugtraq security mailing list.

New York Times Link Generator

As some of you may or may not know if you link to the NY Times, after a little while that article gets locked behind the Times' archive and you have to pay to get access to it. Now I am not against making some money, but this gives links an expiration date (why pay when you can go to your library and use mircofiche and see what you need to see).

Anyway, the NY Times entered into a partnership with Userland, which in part, allows you to link with confidence. Any link that is formatted correctly will be not expire, the story will be freely available. I have know about this for some time, but I could never remember the required format. Thanks to Aaron I no longer need to!

The New York Times Link Generator takes any URL from the NY Times, and well generates a link that will last forever.

Thanks Aaron.

Feel Free to Jack Into My IPod

Wired News: Feel Free to Jack Into My IPod

"She walked right up to me and got within my comfort field," Crandall stammered. "I was taken aback. She pulled out the earbuds on her iPod and indicated the jack with her eyes." Warily unplugging his own earbuds, Crandall gingerly plugged them into the woman's iPod, and was greeted by a rush of techno. "We listened for about 30 seconds," Crandall said. "No words were exchanged. We nodded and walked off."

And Steve Crandall has a Typepad blog. He obviously appreciates the finer things in life.

The Simpsons is getting worse, or is it?

Everyone has their favorite episodes of the Simpsons, that goes without saying. You might be wondering, then why are you saying it. It goes without fail that with every new season of the Simpsons there comes the chorus of voices proclaiming that the show isn't what it used to be. I have a theory as to why people think this way.

Consider that the Simpsons has been on the air for 15 years (hard to believe, but it is true) and it has been in syndication for most of those 15 years. In some areas you can watch the Simpsons for 2 hours a day. That is 4 episodes a day, 20 episodes a work week and whatever is on Saturday plus the episode at 8 on Sunday. That is a lot of Simpsons, and it is the reason that people think the show isn't as good as it once was.

How did I make that leap of logic? Simpsons fans, as well as most other people, tend to remember the good times more than the bad. Therefore it follows that people remember their favorite episodes of the Simpsons, culled from a variety of seasons. All of these favorite episodes combine to form a mythical time when all Simpsons episodes are great. So many opportunities exist to watch the Simpsons one does not need to watch those episodes that do not measure up. This selective viewing reinforces the idea that the older episodes of the Simpsons are superior (excluding the first season of course).

Consequently, each new episode must be compared with only the best episodes of the Simpsons canon. Only two outcomes are possible, the new episode is embraced as a remembrance of how great the Simpsons were and is added to the criteria for future episodes, or the episode is rejected causing geeks everywhere to lament the decay of America's longest running sitcom.

Macromedia - Flex

Macromedia introduces Flex

Macromedia Flex (previously code-named Royale) extends the Macromedia MX platform by delivering a standards-based programming methodology for building the presentation tier of Rich Internet Applications. Flex is currently in Beta. Learn more about the Flex technology in the Flex Development Center.

And a new Flex Blog.

I love technology

If and when I can connect to the wifi network at work I am going to try out Mobile TS.

What is it? Basically it lets you control your computer with your Palm from anywhere, as long as you have a network connection (my Palm has WiFi built in).

This is so freakin' cool. I can be sitting in a meeting, and something comes up which requires me to change a setting on a server and I can do it in the meeting, without leaving my seat.