Write about what you know.

I just wrote this. I am not sure why, but I figured I would post it and see if I can continue it:

As Gordon Flump twisted Captain Crunch’s neck he reveled in the satisfying snap, crackle and pop of the sugar hawkers spine. Yet, Gordon couldn’t help but wonder who the good Captain had crossed.

It seemed like just yesterday the small man shuffled his way into Gordon’s cramped office. He said he needed the best, but Gordon would have to do. They shared an ironic chuckle and a tumbler of scotch before they got down to business.

‘What do you need done, buster?’

Hey, maybe I can start a serial like they did way back when and post snippets of this story every other day. That could be kinda cool. Or I could turn this into something more collaborative.

A writing game spread out across blogs… that might be even more fun! OK so here is how it could work, the first person to comment on this posting should post a link to the continuation of this story on their blog. I will then post the link to this posting. The person continueing, and each subsequent writer would need to start off their post with a link back to this original post so people could follow the whole sequence of the story.

The same rules would apply to each further posting (i.e. on the blog of the person who left the first comment here, the person to leave the first comment would continue the story and so on).

Too bad no one reads this blog. That would be fun to do. 🙂

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