Work and Blogs Coming together

I am very excited. Circumstances have set up a situation where Dave, my co-worker, is getting interested in starting up our departmental intra-net. He designed one awhile back and got alot of good feed back from all the Directors, and they promised to give him content to go along with the intranet. Sadly they didn’t give him anything to work with and the intranet withered and died.

This was before I was here, and so in my first few weeks here I suggested we start an intranet with one of our servers we have laying in our office. Dave related his intranet experience and that was that. Until today that is.

It looks like there is some interest, and so I am going to stoke the flames, so I can write my own blogging app in Coldfusion (we just installed BlueDragon
pm the server).

I plan to make it so if has RSS, supports multiple authors, and categories. The jury is out on comments at the moment. I think it might be fun to have them but I don’t know. I will have to give it some thought.

I think this will lead to each department having their own blogs and RSS feeds. That would be really cool.

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