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October 2003

Work and Blogs Coming together

I am very excited. Circumstances have set up a situation where Dave, my co-worker, is getting interested in starting up our departmental intra-net. He designed one awhile back and got alot of good feed back from all the Directors, and they promised to give him content to go along with the intranet. Sadly they didn't give him anything to work with and the intranet withered and died.

This was before I was here, and so in my first few weeks here I suggested we start an intranet with one of our servers we have laying in our office. Dave related his intranet experience and that was that. Until today that is.

It looks like there is some interest, and so I am going to stoke the flames, so I can write my own blogging app in Coldfusion (we just installed BlueDragon
pm the server).

I plan to make it so if has RSS, supports multiple authors, and categories. The jury is out on comments at the moment. I think it might be fun to have them but I don't know. I will have to give it some thought.

I think this will lead to each department having their own blogs and RSS feeds. That would be really cool.


Who is dressing up for Halloween?

I am not. I plan to sit in my dark apartment and hope no kids knock on my door looking for handouts. I mean really, I don't want to enforce this absurd notion that just because you dress up like Spiderman I am obligated to give you some of my delicious candy.

That candy cost money, the store wouldn't just give it to me if I walked in dressed like Lil' Orphan Annie. I'll tell you what they would do, call security and kick my ass out of there.

Let that be a lesson to you kids, at least I am just pretending not to be home and not kicking your ass.

A Brief Outlook 2003 review

I am far from a Windows/Microsoft booster, but they do make some products that I like, daresay enjoy, using. Outlook was not among them, until very recently. (They are SQL server and Access, that is about it)

I am in an Exchange environment at work, so we use Outlook for our email client/scheduler/task tracker. This is the first job where I was exposed to Outlook and I wasn't impressed.

Enter Outlook 2003

Yesterday I installed Outlook 2003 onto my XP machine here at work, and I must say I am totally digging it.

The user interface is much improved, but the best feature is search folders. Basically this is a folder that is a saved query or view of your messages. So you can have all unread messages show up in one no matter what folder the message may be in and they will show up in your search folder, even though they are in a different folder.

Read about the 5 features Microsoft thinks you will like here.

Write about what you know.

I just wrote this. I am not sure why, but I figured I would post it and see if I can continue it:

As Gordon Flump twisted Captain Crunch's neck he reveled in the satisfying snap, crackle and pop of the sugar hawkers spine. Yet, Gordon couldn't help but wonder who the good Captain had crossed.

It seemed like just yesterday the small man shuffled his way into Gordon's cramped office. He said he needed the best, but Gordon would have to do. They shared an ironic chuckle and a tumbler of scotch before they got down to business.

'What do you need done, buster?'

Hey, maybe I can start a serial like they did way back when and post snippets of this story every other day. That could be kinda cool. Or I could turn this into something more collaborative.

A writing game spread out across blogs... that might be even more fun! OK so here is how it could work, the first person to comment on this posting should post a link to the continuation of this story on their blog. I will then post the link to this posting. The person continueing, and each subsequent writer would need to start off their post with a link back to this original post so people could follow the whole sequence of the story.

The same rules would apply to each further posting (i.e. on the blog of the person who left the first comment here, the person to leave the first comment would continue the story and so on).

Too bad no one reads this blog. That would be fun to do. :)

Good things happen to good people

Sweet Reward: From Unemployed to Award Finalist

He has not held a steady job for nearly two years and, for the first time in his life, he is not anxious about finding one. Mr. Jones still remembers the day his agent told him that he was getting a real advance for "The Known World" and the new collection of stories, so he could stop worrying about a consistent paycheck and begin focusing on being a writer.

"It was then, I think," Mr. Jones said, "that I began to have just an inkling that I was worth something."

ITMS Link Maker

Wit the advent of iTunes for Windows Apple has given us the ITMS Link Maker.

Since the iTunes Music Store is just a big website using iTunes as a custom broswer it makes sense to let people link to songs, bands, or albums. When you click on a link it opens iTunes and loads the song for you in the iTunes Music Store.

Very very cool.

iTunes for Windows

Jenny at Very Big Blog sums it up well:

I dont care if you love the music sytem you are using now, it sucks compares to iTunes. Trust me on this. Go get it.

For the record, I was adamantly against you PC lusers getting a nugget of our Holy Grail, but no one at Apple would take my calls. So now that you whined and pouted for it, go get it.