Universal to Cut Prices of Its CD’s

The NY Times (one of the only truly good newspapers out there) reports that Universal is cutting prices of its CD’s.

While this is nice, I don’t think they made them cheaper. They need to compete with the online music places (like the iTunes store) and charge $10 a CD. Better yet get rid of CD’s, sell it all online, and let people burn their own CD’s. Create a licensing structure were I can liscense songs easily for mass production of my very own CD’s. I can sell them, promote them, and all legally. That way the big music stores can have an on demand model.

“You want the Muppets Sing with Metallica CD? Well we don’t have one in the store, but let me go back and make you a copy.”

That is the only way the recording industry is going to survive, if you ask me.

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