Big Clothes for Big People

Here are some links for the Big and Tall people out there (well men, sorry ladies):

KingSize Direct – Big Sizes to 10XL, Tall Sizes to 7XL, Shoes to 16EEEE

Repp Big and Tall

Rochester Big and Tall

One response to “Big Clothes for Big People”

  1. I would like to know if anyone may have any information on if there is a designing school for big people’s clothes. Or if there is some way for me to get my designs to someone to see if they could be used.
    I find it very hard for me to find the >right< kind of clothes. I am 5'10 and I weigh 340. I wear mostly mens clothes because all of the women's t-shirts are either to short or to tight. Please let me know so that I may be able to start maybe a womens PLUS size line that actually fits the PLUS sized woman today. I will also work on mens clothes to.

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